Hailing from Chattanooga, TN, T3CHOFF’s producing career officially took off in July 2017 after his debut single, “Cold Nature,” was released through Bass Off Records. This single, which is the label’s no. 1 track on Beatport, encapsulates what his mixture of other house, techno, and deep house recordings express: pulsating baselines, steady evolutions, and revolving through-lines to keep the listener both moving and entranced.

Mesmerized by the possibilities and energy of scratching, remixing, and mashing up records from an early age, he started his own mobile DJ company during high school. He played at weddings, proms, birthday parties, and everything in-between. At age 19 he started his first club residency at the Bella Vita Ultra Lounge. At the conclusion of that journey, he moved to Space Coast, Florida, and took a two-year hiatus from the public sphere to work on perfecting his producing skills. He’s now back and his goal is to “create records that radiate throughout the dance floors, connecting with people of all walks of life.”

Newer projects of T3CHOFF include “We Were Just Walkin’,” which is featured on Big Mama’s House Records’ compilation Best of Tech House 2017, and his remix of WEAREJOHLIN’s “Crash,” which reached no. 26 on Beatport’s “Techno Top 100 Releases.” The release was supported by Alistair Albrecht, Marco Carola, and many others. The start of 2018 saw the arrival of T3CHOFF becoming partner and A&R for Muskox Records, in addition to signing to Miami based techno label Fervence Records.

T3CHOFF’s other alias includes AstraeusMusic and Michael Jones. As he allows both projects recordings to be used royalty free for YouTube user’s videos, he’s already garnered over 1 million views and counting. As the momentum continues in 2019 you can be certain to see more of T3CHOFF in a booth near you.